Date Set for Manna Donation:

A Quarter Million Servings on Schedule from FMSC for Hungry Tummies!

September 10, 2014


Hilarious Givers announced today that Feed My Starving Children, a frequent and regular donor of nutrition for children, has confirmed that 43,000 pounds of fortified rice and soy product will be available to be picked up at their Aurora, Illinois facility on September 23. 


This availability is important because the Hilarious Givers larder is nearly empty - we had not expected another donation from FMSC until late in the year. What a blessing!  We expect that the Manna will be available for distribution from the Pilot Air Freight/Miramar Transportation donated warehouse space before the end of September.


The food is donated without cost to Hilarious Givers; our expense is transportation, handling and storage. The cost to ship a container of this size has typically been $3,000; donations to defray costs are welcome.