I'm confused by the name 'Hilarious Givers'.  Where did that come from?

It is funny that you asked.  Ha ha.  That is first question that we get when we talk to people about the organization.  In the Bible it says, "God loves a cheerful giver." - 2CORINTHIANS 9:7 and we operate under that scripture everyday.  A 'Hilarious Giver' serves God through giving to the least among us. Through our acts of service (either tithings, offerings, and volunteering) our hearts open up and we experience what the apostle Paul taught - the act of giving, in itself, brings joy to the giver.




Where does the funding from the organization come from?

Our funding is entirely from generous donors. We receive no funding from the U.S. Government. From time to time we receive support from organizations we support in Mexico; those organizations may be quasi-governmental. Donations from those we serve tend to be reimbursement for expenses incurred in supporting them.


Where do my donations go?
100% of your donation will be applied to operating expenses such as insurance, transportation, storage, communications expenses and the like. No contributions are used for fund raising. Fund raising events are organized to be self-sufficient; costs are reimbursed from proceeds of the event. We have no paid staff, although we may retain paid staff in the future if we decide that our mission will be better served by employees rather than volunteers. We have been able to keep our expenses well below 10% of the value of goods we have provided to our recipients. 
Where does the food, household goods, and other necessities you distribute come from?

Nearly everything we give has been donated.  Food comes from generous donors such as Feed My Starving Children, Convoy of Hope, Gleanings for the Hungry; computers have been donated by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, 

school supplies by generous private donors, mattresses from cruise ships.  Usually, we pay only for shipping.

You have questions?  Here's some answers.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Hilarious Givers is qualified under IRC Section 501(c)(3) to receive tax deductible donations as a public charity. Donations may be deducted from income during the year in which they are made, or may be 'carried forward' into future years.

Legacy donations, such as Charitable Remainder Trust beneficiary status, are also allowed under the Internal Revenue Code. Such arrangements allow deductions during the current tax year for pledges of gifts in the future.

Consult your tax advisor, or we can recommend a qualified advisor.