Political careers are being made and destroyed. I don't care.

Fortunes are being made and lost. It doesn't matter to me.

People are making poor decisions that make their lives difficult. That's on them.

None of those things are within my control. I can't change any of that.

Kids are going to bed hungry. Now you have my attention! Amid all the breast beating posturing by politicians of all stripes, during all the frenetic holiday season spending and glitter, while thousands set off for unknown destinations to change their lives without a realistic plan, kids starve. 

Kids don't deserve to go hungry. They don't have to. We have plenty of food. 

Hilarious Givers has been feeding deserving children for ten years now. Millions upon millions of meals for thousands and thousands of kids. 

The events at the border separating San Diego from Tijuana make it difficult to reach out to the real victims - the blameless children. Difficult, but not impossible. 

food dispensas (13).jpg

Every week Hilarious Givers sends thousands of servings of nutrition donated by Feed My Starving Children to the children of the Central American families who have come to the border seeking a better life. Whether we agree or disagree on politics, policy or motives, we can all agree that children should not be the victims of the decisions of grown-ups. Children should benefit from the decisions of grown-ups. 

So let's continue to be grown up. Let's be keep on being responsible adults. Let's continue to show our love for these precious kids - these little images of God - by supporting worthwhile charities who are feeding these little ones. Set aside petty politics for a season.