Hilarious Givers heads up International, Multi-Organization effort to feed kids.

One never really knows what God's plan for our life is - at least at the outset. We had undertaken to provide nutrition to needy kids in orphanages in urban areas of Baja California, Mexico and to migrant, largely indigenous families in the rural farming communities. God's plan is evidently more ambitious. We find ourselves involved, and active, in community outreach programs which include not only feeding kids, but impacting health, education and family stability, and all as the result of providing nutritious food to kids.

Some of our work has led to frustrating results. We have found that many of the children we reach out to find the flavor of soy in their rice to be unpalatable, so the nutritious fortification included in FMSC Manna Packs by loving volunteers sometimes does not find its way into malnourished  or undernourished kids' stomachs. In a society where mothers often believe that a full stomach equals good nutrition, even if the last meal was largely cornmeal, lard and salt (the ingredients of tortillas), it's a stretch to bring mom up to speed with knowledge of nutrition, sanitation and hygiene. Hilarious Givers has partnered with two Mexican universities, one in Tijuana and another in Ensenada, to create recipes which use Manna in ways that are more appealing to fussy young palates. And, a 6-month formal study on the effect of diets including Manna, conducted by one of the universities, is half complete.

The true reward is the opportunity to share the Good News, not only among those who eat delicious meals made of Manna, but among government and community leaders in a largely secular society. God is good, and His grace is sufficient!