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Spring Break! Woo-Hoo!

Many tend to think of spring break in terms of not-quite-mature college kids loosed upon some unsuspecting and unprepared tropical community to engage in behavior they will soon come to regret. A rite of passage from a protected post-adolescence to a productive adulthood. A ‘boys will be boys’ (and girls, too) experience. Salacious news reports of kids running amok, complete with bikinipix aplenty.

Others view the Easter Recess (old school, I know) as an opportunity to serve. A break from their snowbound routine at University to spread the Good News among the less fortunate among us. An invitation to fulfil the Great Commission and spread Jesus’ teachings to all the nations.

Feed My Starving Children provided the means for dozens of young adult college students from San Diego State University to spend this year’s spring recess in seminars in Mexico. These eager young men and women worked to become equipped to help train and educate well-meaning but under-equipped orphanage directors in the niceties of sanitation, nutrition and meal preparation.

To be sure, these college students got a bit of beach time during their spring break. And they enjoyed some fellowship that will remain in their memories forever. But the point is that they showed a skeptical world the meaning of service as Jesus intended. They served ‘the least among us’. And they continue to serve.

None of this would have happened but for the generosity of Feed My Starving Children. And the dedication of Binational United for Children, A.C. And the vision of Instituto de Gastronomia de Baja California. And the effort of Hilarious Givers, Inc. and its Mexican Counterpart, Hilarious Givers, A.C. So the donors, packing party volunteers, FMSC staff, and all the rest who made this Easter season a blessing.

We look forward to the continuing contribution of these willing, capable and enthusiastic volunteers during years to come. We are better together!