Our primary outreach is to children who live in poverty just minutes from affluent San Diego. Many families struggle with just a few dollars a day in earnings, many more have no earnings. It is not unusual to find a migrant wage earner with daily earnings of $8.00 per day when they can find work supporting a family. Even worse, many orphanages are filled to capacity with children who are not connected to any family. 

We are able to provide nutrition to these precious kids on a daily basis. During our most recent year we averaged nearly 3,000 servings per day in nutritional supplements.

Feeding Orphans and Impoverished Families in Mexico
Protecting the environment while giving to our neighbors

A cannery has a malfunction which results in 12 ounce cans being filled with 10 ounces of food. Or the wrong labels are put on the cans. Or a partial pallet is canned at the end of a production run. That food is not marketable in the U.S., and would go to landfills.

A cruise ship has thousands of beds, each with a mattress. The cruise lines do not let those mattresses get old; they are replaced with fresh mattresses frequently. The used mattresses, still very much serviceable, are buried in landfills.

These are but two examples of donations we receive and provide to deserving families. While we do not pay for the donated goods, transportation and storage costs are substantial. 

When a international pharmaceutical company updated its computers, Hilarious Givers was ready. The company was happy to donate pallets of recent (but not the latest) model computers, complete with flat screen monitors and laser printers. Those computers are now being used by elementary school students, residents of a women's shelter, and a school for handicapped children. 

A clothing store in Los Angeles goes out of business and offers its inventory for donation. That inventory included school uniforms, which are now being worn by children in classes, who would otherwise be working in the fields. 

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